Main Street Events

Welcome to Petersburg Indiana's Bicentennial Festival. NOTE: Events are subject to change.

Free Carnival Rides

Friday, Sept. 15 - 5-11 pm
Saturday, Sept. 16 - 11 am - 10:30 pm

Main Street Midway

Bring the kids and the young at heart to Downtown Petersburg to ride more than 10 carnival rides. You'll want to stick around for a schedule full of entertainment and even fireworks!

Historical Reenactors

Friday, Sept. 15 - 5 pm
Saturday, Sept. 16 - 9 am
Courthouse Lawn

Food and Vendors

Main Street Midway
Friday, Sept. 15 - 5-11 pm
Saturday, Sept. 16 - 11 am - 11 pm

A feast for the senses! Dozens of craft vendors, non-profit organizations and food booths will line Main Street during the festival.

Bicentennial Parade

Main Street Petersburg
Line up at 5:30 pm • Parade at 6 pm

This parade will run in reverse to normal Petersburg parades. Line up begins on Nichols Avenue and will move toward Downtown on Pike Avenue and then State Road 57. As an added part of the parade local children are encouraged to decorate their bicycles and join in the parade. See details.

Farmer's Market

Saturday, Sept. 16
Opens at 9 am
8th Street Plaza

Find fresh produce between the Pike County Courthouse and the old Integra Bank building.

Pedal Tractor Pull

Saturday, Sept. 16
Beginning at 9 am
6th Street Activity Row

Pike Central FFA will host this exciting event.

Saturday, Sept. 16
Beginning at 3 p.m.
6th Street Activity Row

The races will be held on Main Street between 5th and 6th Streets. 

Divisions are being planned to include:
Corporate, Teens, Youth (Age Minimum 10 Years Old) and more… All subject to change, depending on participation.

While all teams are encouraged to bring their own beds, there will be beds available, courtesy of Onyett Fabricators and Pike Central second year welding students, for use.

Bicentennial Fireworks

Saturday, Sept. 16
10 pm
Main Street

The finale to this incredible 2 days of fun! Jason Sturgeon will perform "Simple Life" to kick off the approx. 30 minute fireworks display. Don't forget to pick up a Buffalo Button or T-Shirt to remember all the fun you had at the festival!


Opening Ceremony

Friday, Sept. 15
6:30 pm
Bicentennial Stage

- Welcome with Mayor R.C. Klipsch
- National Anthem with Adam Houchins
- Pledge of Allegiance with the Pike County Boy Scouts
- Balloon Release Ceremony
- God Bless the USA with Adam Houchins

Kyilindi Pipes & Drums Band

Friday, Sept. 15
7 - 7:30 pm
Bicentennial Stage

In 1986, Wabash County Coroner Robert Cunningham, who has roots in Scotland, formed the Kyilindi Pipes & Drums. Beginning with 9 pipers and 1 drummer, Kyilindi Pipes & Drums has grown to 25 pipers and 5 drummers. The Kyilindi name was formed from the names of the states of the original members, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, Kyilindi Pipes & Drums promotes the public appreciation and playing of pipes and drums through fellowship, public performances, and continuous development of skills.

Kyilindi has an active ongoing educational program providing musical workshops to band members and non-members alike at Wabash Valley College, in Mt. Carmel, IL every semester. The band is made up of people of all ages, walks of life, and national descent bound by a common love for the thrilling music of Highland bagpipe and drum. Kyilindi performs several dozen times a year throughout the Tri-State for a variety of events and practices weekly in order to maintain and improve its standard of performance. A high communal spirit, endless good times, and above all, the joys of achievement are the reward of hours of dedicated practice.
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Pike Central Jazz Band

Friday, Sept. 15
7:30-8 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Your feet will be tapping to the tunes of Pike Central's Jazz Band under the direction of Chris Ashworth

Cochren & Company Concert

Friday, Sept. 15
 8:30-10 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Michael Cochren is a twenty-four year old singer/songwriter and worship leader from southern Indiana. His music tells stories of hope, grace, and second chances. A large variety of artists such as Billy Joel, Needtobreathe, and Ray Charles have impacted his American piano rock-n-blues pop sound.

In the summer of 2011, Michael began writing and touring both solo and with a band of his musician friends. With the release of his first EP, and the help of some regional radio play in southern Indiana, Michael found himself performing across the Midwest; further developing his piano-driven soul sound.  In 2014, Michael Cochren began touring with his band under the name Cochren & Company.

Michael and his band Cochren & Company have released 2 EPs and have opened for artists such as Newsboys, Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets, City Harmonic, Chris August, NF, We Are Messengers and more.  Current group members are: Michael Cochren, his wife Leah Cochren, Tanner Brooks, Jake Headley and Michael Mathis.  Cochren & Co. is currently working on new music to be released in 2017.  For more information, visit

Tony Rothrock & Company

Saturday, Sept. 16
10-11 am &  2-3 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Listen to the stylings of Tony Rothrock and friends during one of two performances Saturday.

10 am performance:
Tony Rothrock, Jerry Willis and Albert Swain

2 pm performance:
Tony Rothrock, Shelby Lynn, Henry Norton and Albert Swain

Miss Petersburg Pageants

Saturday, Sept. 16
Bicentennial Stage

11 am  -  Little Miss Petersburg Pageant
11:30 - Junior Miss Petersburg Pageant
12:30 pm  -  Miss Petersburg Pageant

Stacy's Studio of Dance

Saturday, Sept. 16
1:30 pm
Bicentennial Stage

These talented, award winning dancers are sure to impress!

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Brick Briscoe Concert

Saturday, Sept. 16
4:30-5 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Rooted in the Midwest, but spiritually tied to NYC, where his latest release “Songs To Yell To” came to life he continues to defy expectations.  Recording in the Big Apple and mixing at his studio in Indiana, he’s found a sound and a place aesthetically to draw on his last twenty years of chasing the musical dragon.

Briscoe creates songs that paint a picture of restlessness and wonder, sprinkled liberally with a well matured angst.   He’s a wanderer both physically and artistically.  You’ll find him just as much obsessed with the open road as trying to get you into the metaphorical bed.    The songs move between punk rock edge and a curious free form adventure, with Briscoe’s buzzsaw and angular guitar riffs cutting a trail for his lyrics to find an unsettling safe house.

His live shows channel the things he spits out from this journey.  Always intense and surprisingly sensitive, his shows go from a whisper to a howl from moment to moment.  He's entertaining for sure, but there's some thinking in the dance and things can get messy.

In between regional gigs and the occasional foray to NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis or wherever,  Brick produces and hosts a public radio show called "The Song Show.”  It is a show where Brick shows his true passion for music and mines the deep history of song by relating common themes across genres and time periods in each episode.  His guests are the musicians and songwriters he comes across playing music, or in true old school fashion, picks up the phone and calls.

Brick was born and raised in Petersburg, Indiana.  Although he wanted to do nothing more than be in a rock band, he was coerced into attending university.   After taking a class at Indiana University on the complete works of Charles Chaplin, he decided to try to make films.  During a stint at Southern Illinois University the following year, he discovered Truffaut, Godard and Tarkovsky, thus his fate was sealed.

During this journey of personal and financial ruin, Brick moved to New York, then Los Angeles, and finally back to New York chasing the cinema. Influenced greatly by Cassavetes, Truffaut, Rohmer, Cukor and a host of others, he pitched films all over both cities (with several near misses) until he moved back to Petersburg deeming cinema dead.

After giving up feature films for his health and sanity, he discovered that the only thing he ever truly loved was RocknRoll.  He now spends most of his time writing  and performing with his band and producing music in his studio, as well as, finding guests for his radio show.

He still lives in Petersburg with his wife of 30 years, Marta.  They have a new granddaughter, with some help from their daughter Emma  and son in law Curtis.

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Pike Central Swing Choir


Saturday, Sept. 16
5 - 6  pm
Bicentennial Stage

Pike Central High School's Swing Choir will perform an hour concert.

Rodney Watts Concert

Saturday, Sept. 16
6-8 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Rodney Watts is a Country Music Entertainer. Born and raised in Indiana, Rodney joined the US Military and quickly found himself traveling all over the country. Rodney, never lost that small town feel, and found much of his inspiration for his music from his childhood and his Military Career.

He keeps a very busy touring schedule, performing at over 20 shows a month.

Rodney's Motto is "Singing for the American Soldier," he truly enjoys supporting his fellow soldiers whenever possible. For more information, visit

Jason Sturgeon Concert

Saturday, Sept. 16
8:30-10 pm
Bicentennial Stage

Jason Sturgeon is the very definition of today’s Renaissance Man. His story doesn’t start anywhere near the typical “I moved to Nashville with a guitar and a dream” cliché because like the man, his story is more complicated and worthy of telling. An all American boy who grew up in the heartland, his family of Coal Miners, Oil Men, and Farmers lived off the land in Indiana’s natural resources rich coal country. Working hard for a living was the norm and doing it yourself was the only option. Sturgeon grew up working. The scars on his hands are the proof of years of work and determination, and his songs are his life stories, written honestly from his blue-collar point of view. He started performing at an early age, singing Kenny Rogers songs for quarters paid to him from his family to encourage the youngster to sing more. Jason has always had the burning dreams of being a singer on the big stage. From the ages of 14-19, he farmed and worked as a Roustabout for a small oil company. His days in the oil patch taught him a great deal about his own drive and work ethic and set the tone for his years after. His father made him learn a trade instead of running off to Nashville at 19, explaining that “once you’ve got a degree, you can do anything you want”…and he did.

After working full-time through college, Jason earned degrees in Injection Mold Tooling and Industrial Drafting & Design with a specialty in plastics. He was soon hired by Cook Medical in Bloomington, IN as a Product Development Engineer, a white-collar dream job for any redneck farm kid. He didn’t have the fancy engineering degrees from the well-to-do colleges like most everyone else, but he did have real world experience and a blue-collar work ethic, and that’s just what was needed. Jason worked as he had learned and began his climb up the corporate ladder, finding success at each rung but… that dream of being a singer on stage lingered.

During his first years at Cook Medical, Jason’s love for music and that constant dream continued to push him to start a band. In 2003 he started Red Eye Max (named after best friend Max, a Jack Russell Terrier). The band toured every weekend around Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, usually after Jason’s 60 hour work week. They wrote and recorded their first full length album, with Jason as the primary writer on the effort. At the same time the record released, he was also named inventor on 2 US patents for Drug Eluting Stents, and built his first house by himself. After 6 years of juggling a more than full-time career and his band, Jason wanted more in music. In the spring of 2009 Jason was introduced to Dane Clark, Drummer of 20 years for Rock & Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp. As a world renowned drummer and songwriter himself, Clark took interest in Sturgeon’s songs and his desire to succeed as a song writer and the music business. The two started writing together throughout the year and recorded those songs for Jason’s first solo album, “That’s Me”. Clark produced the record and brought in fellow Mellencamp long-time band members including Troye Kinnett and bassist Jon E. Gee for the recording collaboration. The record was completed in the fall of 2009 and the experience, so positive, that it changed Sturgeon’s course forever.

After the completion of “That’s Me, Sturgeon made the biggest gamble of his life. After 9 successful and thankful years at Cook he said goodbye to start his own record label, Toolpusher Records. He explains: “I wanted my labels name to reflect my past, what I’m about, and have meaning…like everything else that I do. I pulled the name from my days in the oil field. A toolpusher on an oil rig is the boss, but he started at the bottom and busted his ass, and worked his way to the top. It’s what I’ve done my whole life and it’s what I’m doing in the music biz”.

In the fall of 2010 Sturgeon’s first single, “Simple Life” hit the airwaves and he embarked on a 34 state radio tour to promote the song. Sturgeon recalls “I’m not sure I really slept for those first 4 months.” The song, written by Sturgeon and Clark an autobiographical song about his hometown of Petersburg, IN was being played on hundreds of radio stations all over the country and the video being seen on national networks like CMT and GAC. It eventually ended up charting at 52 on the Mediabase Country Chart and 41 on the Billboard Indicator chart.

Touring a full schedule, Sturgeon made time on the stops to write his second record, “Cornfields & Coal”. After the success of the first album he recognized the importance of the sophomore record’s impact.

With the release of Cornfields & Coal in 2013 it marked a new start and new beginning finding Jason in Nashville full-time. The first single off the new record was the hard rocking adrenaline anthem “Timebomb” written solely by Sturgeon. The song worked it’s way into the 40’s and the video featuring World of Outlaws Winged Sprint car racer and 20 time series champion Steve Kinser, debuted in the top 5 on and held the #1 video spot for nearly a week with tough competition from debut videos of Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean. The second single, “Angel Eyes” hit the airwaves just in time for summer love. The song is the only song that Jason has released that was not self-written. Written by Jason’s friend and co-writer Fred Koller and John Hiatt, the song had been released to the pop charts by Jeff Healey back in 1990 with #1 success making it a perfect song to release to the country masses. The song found good airplay at radio and the videos success landed it back in the top 5 on

In 2014, Sturgeon’s career and life continues it’s blistering pace but has changed in a few ways. Over the past 5 years, Jason’s songwriting skills have been noticed by many in the songwriting community and with that he started writing heavily in Nashville, pursuing a publishing contract. Always writing, Jason reconnected with Dane Clark and the two are writing Jason’s next full length record slated for release in 2015. Although they are both on tour, Dane with Mellencamp and Jason continuing his touring schedule, they write using Skype on a weekly basis from the road. And if the story of late nights, endless show dates, writing and recording for yourself and others is not enough, Jason decided to create his own brand called BackRoad. BackRoad is a lifestyle brand with a varied product line. BackRoad Beef Jerky is one of the most popular items among the products offered, but Sturgeon, an avid hunter and shooter, has also created a very special and beautiful line of handmade jewelry made from expired shell casings, which he personally designs.

To quote his song, “My Friends Call Me Jay”, “This dreams a hard one, man, it’ll take it’s toll, but as long as I’m breathing air I’ll be out here on this road”. The dream never stops for Sturgeon. It’s apart of him. And with all of the experiences, changes, ups and downs, it never ceases. Jason is always booking dates, currently finishing his new album, and is writing new songs every day.
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